Trails for People and Wildlife Workshop

Wednesday, March 25th
Tracy Memorial Library, New London

Hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and horseback riding are just some of the ways we get outside to enjoy nature and relax. However, even these seemingly low-key activities can have a negative impact on wildlife by reducing their abundance, reproductive success, or even survival. Ausbon Sargent will co-host a workshop with a representative from NH Fish and Game called Trails for People and Wildlife that focuses on encouraging people to get outside and enjoy nature while allowing wildlife to thrive.
The workshop is intended for landowners, conservation groups, and natural resource professional with the objective to help facilitate the placement of thoughtfully located networks of well-maintained trails. It tries to balance having wildlife species there for all of us to enjoy for years to come while providing trail builders with the resources needed to achieve their public access goals.

Click here to view the event flyer.

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Help Preserve Messer Farm

We need your help!  New Hampshire is losing working farms at an alarming rate, but Ausbon Sargent has the opportunity to save one of New London’s finest.  We have an agreement to purchase the 143-acre Messer Farm on Little Sunapee Road.  To complete this project, we need to raise $1.6M by May 1st, 2020.  This sounds daunting, but with the help of many, it is possible.  Please help us to preserve the rural character of our community by protecting these scenic fields and woodlands.

To view the fundraising flyer that will help you to understand why this property is so important, click here.



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Ausbon Sargent Accepts Ownership of the Cassey Brook Preserve in Wilmot

On February 13, Ausbon Sargent took ownership of this 201-acre property on Wilmot Center Road in Wilmot.  Of the 152 properties that Ausbon Sargent has assisted in protecting, this represents the sixth that they will fully own.

The Cassey Brook Preserve is primarily forested, but also has wetland, and trails to open areas and scenic views.  Due to its size and location, it is considered to be a valuable wildlife habitat.  Take a walk on the property as it will always remain open for low-impact recreation.

Back Row, L-R Marilyn Kidder, Jim Owers, Debbie Stanley, Andy Deegan.  Front Row, L-R Mike Chiarella, Dick Chase, Russell Moore

Photo courtesy: Sue Andrews


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